Thank You

I wanted to say thank you to all of my amazing customers and supporters! Your comments, likes and shares always put a smile on my face and brighten up my day. The support I have felt and experienced since I opened in November is overwhelming and I cannot thank you enough! 

This past year has been so hard for all of us and starting this business has been a highlight of the past few months. It has brought joy and excitement to my life and it is all because of you! Allowing myself to be so creative and engaging in something so completely new to me and out of my comfort zone has been challenging but also an absolute pleasure. I love creating new products and ideas and learning more about sensory play since it is something that I am so passionate about. Being able to bring it to more people has been incredible and I can only hope I have brought you as much happiness as you have all brought me. I have been extremely COVID cautious and have not seen my partner or my friends for almost 14 months and it has been extremely isolating and being able to connect with all of you has made this year so much better! I am hoping I will get to meet some of you in person in the near-ish future at a craft fair or a one of a kind show. 

All of this to say thank you and that I want to get to know you, what would you like to see from this blog and this company? Whether that is a new product, something different on my Instagram or TikTok, a new theme, a topic for my blog or any questions you may have for me about me or my business I want to know! I wouldn't be able to have my business without you and I am so grateful for your continued support and love. 

I am extremely passionate and the numerous, amazing, positive effects sensory play can have on our kids now and for their futures. I hope through this company that I can bring some of that passion into your households and your children's lives. There are many new exciting announcements and products coming soon and I hope you will join me for the ride and thank you for keeping it Easy Peasy!

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