Meet The Owner

Hello! My name is Liza and I am the owner of Easy Peasy Crafts and Sensory! I create all kinds of sensory activities for children and adults. I'm writing this blog post today to introduce myself and tell you why I started this business. 


I am a full time nanny in Toronto to two amazing children and I absolutely love my job, I was partially inspired to start this business because of the two of them. When the pandemic hit we were spending most of our time indoors and to pass the time and keep them learning I started to create sensory activities for them to let them explore their world in a safe and contained way from home. I made so many sensory bins and activities that I thought other people might be looking for, safe, indoor and educational activities for their little ones too and that's how Easy Peasy was born!


Something that I love about sensory activities is that they are great tools for adults as well! I personally have severe ADHD and anxiety and I have found my products extremely useful in helping to calm and focus myself. Children and adults alike can use sensory tools in their day to day life, whether it's fidgeting with playdoh or focusing and calming yourself with a calming bottle they are great tools to have around the house whether it's for you as an adult or a child's calming corner. 


Sensory bins are great for toddlers and children who do not mouth everything because they can use their senses of touch, sight, sound and sometimes even smell, to explore the large and exciting world around them. Some of my favourite fillers are; rainbow rice, dried oats, playdoh, crinkle paper and water! There are so many different ways to use all of these different fillers and so many ways for your littles to use their imaginations! I love that you can make anything into a sensory activity; banging pots and pans, bath time, cooking, and so many more, they are all amazing sensory activities. 


Babies and mouthing children can definitely get in on the fun too! Sensory bags, and I Spy bottles are great options for even the tiniest of children. Tape a Ziploc bag to their highchair or to the floor during tummy time, there are so many fun ways to play! 


I hope you follow along on with my business to see all of the fun things I can create! What theme would you like to read about next? Let me know in the comments below! 


Thanks for keeping it Easy Peasy!

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